Bloopers and Favorites !

Happy New Year everyone!! :) In the grid below you will find a small selection of shots from the 15 different photo shoots that I did over the Summer of 2014 in order to complete the Pinups For Pups fundraising calendar.

I wanted to share some of the photos that made me laugh and smile but didn't make the final selection. Editing and choosing was sooo hard to narrow down because every model did such an absolutely amazing job. Kudos to those who did outdoor shoots in 89 degree weather and who had multiple beings to manage (i.e Lindsey and her baby and two dogs who kept wanting to run in opposite directions haha) and did so very elegantly :)

Because of all of our wonderful models and sponsors and special assistants, we were able to raise $2,400 !!

I brought a check for $2,100 to Baypath on Christmas eve and the remaining balance was used to buy them tangible things such as dog food, blankets and medicine. They were so happy with all of the hard work we did for them and they sent me a very very sweet card expressing it. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!! 

In the bottom slideshow, you will find all of the images that were selected for print. Girls, you can feel free to Pin, Share on Facebook, Print or Save any of these images, but I ask that you please do not crop, edit, or remove my watermark - and it would be awesome if you could tag me if you share them :) #BDaltonphoto

Please comment below and tell me what your favorite shot is! :)

Thank you all again so much! I am eternally grateful. xox Brianna