About a week or so ago, I photographed a fundraising yard sale hosted by a few Weston/Wellesley families and their incredibly sweet kids who "Believe in the power of giving"!

The yard sale was stocked with tons of awesome "like new" items such as strollers, car seats, children's clothing, and tons and tons of amazing books. There was also a pretty serious lemonade stand that was 100% organized by the kids!

The yard sale was held to support The B Fund, a local non-profit based out of Weston, MA whose mission is to create awareness and support for the Boston Children's Hospital in its efforts to support families caring for critically ill children.

 I was so blown away by how well the kids worked together and many items were gone by the end of it! It is simple activities like this this that The B fund organizes to make very impactful contributions to families in need. To learn more about their mission, and ways that you can help please visit their website. 

Below are some of my favorite images from the event, but if you would like to see all of the images from the afternoon click this link to be brought to the online gallery.

If you are a parent who was present for the B Fund yard sale and would like a copy of an image - shoot me an email and I will have it right over to you :)