So for those who have heard about this years event called Santa Paws Photo Fundraiser, hosted by my fund, The Puppy Project .. but who have not heard of the shelter for whom it is to benefit.. I would like to introduce you to Save A Dog rescue shelter of Sudbury, MA. 

This past Spring I brought Boston (my rescue Hound) to our amazing trainer Lynn of K9 Progressive training, and helped us reach a few grand milestones together. By the end of it, Boston was a Certified Canine Good Citizen and I was a very proud mama! He came from being a very reactive and fearful puppy to a confident, trusting, HAPPIER soul. (I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it). 

During our session with Lynn, I met a fellow dog mama who was a volunteer of Save A Dog, where she had also just recently rescued her baby from. We spoke often about her great experiences with them, and how her life has been dramatically changed by them. (I wish I could remember your name nice woman! If you ever read this - please shoot me an email! :) ) She also expressed her sadness about the possibility of the shelter losing its property after years of growing there. That is when she invited me to Paws in the Park this past summer at the Wayside Inn, Sudbury. The goal of the gathering was to raise enough to buy out their land and be able to continue their mission of being a save haven. 

At Paws in the Park,  Brian and I met our wonderful Real estate agent Curtis Blomberg who works for Keller Williams. He had his own booth there.. we were drawn to him by his two MASSIVE Great Danes (I mean probably the largest ones that I've ever seen in real life haha - not to mention strikingly beautiful) that sparked a great relationship.. that lead to the purchase of our first home together this past August! It was an exciting year for us to say the least :) We had a great time at Paws in the Park - as did our pups Holly & Boston. 

At the end of the Summer was the annual Woofstock benefit for Buddy Dog (another shelter in Sudbury). That is where I met Donna, the fundraising director for Save A Dog. Donna was kind enough to arrange a time that I could come explore their shelter and learn more about what makes them different. I could not have been more blown away. 

I was greeted gracious staff, and hard working, gentle volunteers. The land the property is built on is breathtaking. Their store is stocked with top quality dog food brands such as Weruva and Fromm (what I feed Holly, and what I believe to be one of the best on the market. It is not sold at commercial stores, only sold at specialty pet stores. It is not cheap.)

They also have brand new and strong toys for sale by trusted brands such as Kong. Their bones and treats are all made in USA. They also don't believe in over vaccinating or treating. If you visit their website you can learn all about the holistic methods that they implement in order for their animals to be in optimal health for their future forever families. From the short amount of time that I spent there, I was really able to see and feel the differences of their shelter that make them so unique.  

I greatly encourage you to stop by Hounds Barbershop this Saturday, December 5th 2015 from 5-9pm for the Santa Paws Photo Fundraiser, to have your pet's portrait taken with Santa and to enjoy some sweet treats and hot cocoa.

Our goal for the evening is to reach $3,000 in order to help Save A Dog continue on their mission of being a holistic sanctuary and progressive pit stop for animals who come from all over our country looking for a save haven. 

It isn't possible without your support.