Limited Print Rights*

You have the right to reprint digital images whenever you want, wherever you want - to which you have purchased the rights for. Otherwise, all images remain the right of the photographer. Editing, cropping, removing logos, using your images for any kind of publication, or selling your images for a profit without the written consent of Brianna Dalton Photography is considered an act of legal infringement. With the purchase of limited print rights, you will be given a print release form which you will hand to a commercial print lab when you order your prints. This release will grant you permission to have licensed professional images printed for which you are not the legal owner of. Limited, grants you permission to print as many copies as you would like of any size, UP TO an 11x14. Any print larger including canvas and album prints must be purchased through Brianna Dalton Photography and our professional lab. This way we can ensure that our art will be printed on the best quality material with the proper protective coatings that will turn your products into heirlooms to last for generations. Additionally, we are able to honor satisfaction and lifetime guarantee promises.